Gold making guide for patch 6.2

Gold making guide for patch 6.2

Garrison Gold Making and Farming Guide 6.2

This guide to making gold with your world of warcraft garrison is updated for patch 6.2. Several key changes are being made that you need to be aware of if you plan on farming gold after patch 6.2 is released. Here are some of the changes you need to [...]

Making Garrison Gold

Making Garrison Gold

Making Gold With Your Garrison

This Garrison Gold making guide is updated from previous versions mainly because I have perfected the process through trial and error and want to share the details with you. I have a half dozen Garrisons at level 3 for comparison purposes and the [...]

WoD Gold


Top WoD Gold Making Methods – Best Ways After The Rush

*UPDATE* - See our Garrison Gold suggestions page for the most recent game changes. This page is being kept due to historical value and because some of the tips still work well. The long anticipated Warlords of Draenor expansion for the popular [...]

Tongue Based Game Control

Tongue Based Game Control

Would You Play Video Games With Your Tongue?

While we wait for more information to be revealed about the radically cool new Garrisons feature in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor #Warcraft expansion I wanted to take the time to ask you a slightly off-topic question, if it was possible would you [...]

From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings

The Big WoW Garrisons Feature Wishlist

The new garrison feature in World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expansion has been announced by Blizzard Entertainment and much about it has been revealed, but what would you like to see? The following wishlist of garrison features has been [...]

Garrison Building Tiers

Garrison Building Tiers

Small, Medium and Large Building Types

WoW Garrisons can contain multiple buildings of various sizes. Each building type has a specific size and can only be placed in a location that can accommodate that size. The available building types are: Large building [...]

About Garrisons and Followers: The Basics

Garrisons are WoW's answer to player housing. As you complete missions and recruit followers, your garrison can upgrade with even more features.

Expanding Your Garrison

Players can create new buildings and upgrade their Garrison.

  • ~ Players can construct a variety of buildings, which can be upgraded and expanded over time.
  • ~ Small buildings: Alchemy Lab, Smithy, Enchanter's Study, Engineering Works, Scribe's Office, Salvage Yard, Storehouse, Tailoring Studio, Jewelcrafting, and the Tannery.
  • ~ Medium buildings: pet stable, trading post, lumber mill, barn, and inn. Pet stable will let you breed epic pets and there is a special trainer to fight.
  • ~ Large buildings: barracks, infirmary, armory, stable, academy, mage tower.
  • ~ Garrisons have three tiers. They level up when you have filled up all of your building plots, which can be small, medium, and large in size. Each size has a different bonus. Tier 2 for example gives you 15% Follower Recovery Time, 5% Passive Melee Buff, 5% Passive Caster Buff, 10% Travel Speed, and 15% Garrison Supplies, 10% Ore Gathering, and 5% Herb Gathering.
  • ~ Constructing more buildings improves your ability to recruit and manage followers, as well as your efficiency in completing missions.
  • ~ You can upgrade your buildings three times, like Barracks to go on multiple missions, Inns to recruit followers, and an Infirmary to speed up injured Followers. When buildings are upgraded, they become more powerful and visually elaborate.
  • ~ Players can also select a specialization for their max level various buildings, which can be changed once per day. Sample Armory Specialization is Striking Blade: Grants the player a Critical Strike buff that persists through death for 4 hours. Visit the Armory to gain this buff.
  • ~ There are many ways to get blueprints to learn how to upgrade buildings, from quest rewards to world drops to faction rewards.

Customization and Social Interactions

Players can show off Garrisons to their friends and customize its appearance:

  • ~ Garrisons can be decorated with monuments and trophies, which may be tied to achievement rewards.
  • ~ Players of the same faction can visit your Garrison if they are in your party. You can also trade Garrison resources with friends.
  • ~ Garrisons will not be phased like Tillers farms--if you have a huge tower, your friends can see it across the zone.
  • ~ Players can place their Garrison in several zones and Alliance and Horde get unique artwork for their buildings.
  • ~ A Garrison's appearance and furniture can be further customized by players selecting a certain design "spec." Layouts are also decided upon by the player.

About Followers

You can meet and recruit NPC Followers in your Garrison, who can benefit your character and Garrison in various ways:

  • ~ Followers can go on various missions, some can gather profession resource,s return treasure, or other useful items like epic gear. They also bring back materials to build your Garrison.
  • ~ Followers have a character level, item level, and traits that affect tasks. Traits are affected by a follower's rarity--there are common, uncommon, rare, and epic followers. Higher rarity followers have more traits.
  • ~ Followers gain character levels just like players from 90-100. You can give them Follower-specific gear to equip, which can increase their item level.
  • ~ Followers can be acquired in several ways: naturally found in your Garrison, attracting more by building an Inn, completing quest objectives, and paying mercenaries.
  • ~ There are plans for cool interactions between Followers and zones--for example, your Follower might be out on a mission in a dungeon, get captured, and you'd rescue the Follower the next time you ran it.
  • ~ A sample follower shown at the panel was Hamfist Facewrecker, a warrior who had Dragonbane (Damage boost when fighting Dragons), Rambo (Bonus to all stats when fighting in the forest), Last Man Standing (Bonus to all stats for each dead party member if the last one alive), and Blacksmithing (Can participate in Blacksmith missions and can research new recipes for you at the Garrison.

About Missions

Missions are completed by your Followers and are essential to build your Garrison further.

  • ~ Missions can be completed while you are offline.
  • ~ Missions provide resources for your Garrison as well as profession reagents, but also some useful loot for your character.
  • ~ Missions can be completed by Followers in parties--if you are offline, your Followers can still pair up with other Followers.
  • ~ As time goes on, missions can stretch out into several days or a week. Missions and Garrisons are not intended to be very time-intensive at high levels.
  • ~ Some followers might be better at some missions than others, depending on their traits.
  • ~ The sample UI showed a list of followers and a main panel of different missions. These missions take different amounts of time and followers.
  • ~ Quest missions take 15-30 minutes and are used to level up Followers. Higher level quests reward player loot.
  • ~ Scenario missions take 2-3 hours and has a high chance to reward player loot.
  • ~ Dungeon missions take 1-3 days and are guaranteed to have player loot.
  • ~ Raid missions take 4-7 days and unlock when you get 10 followers to 100. Raid missions also include transmog rewards from old raids.
  • ~ The mission UI filters missions by type and shows the amount of time a mission will take as well as desirable traits for the mission. If your follower has those requested traits, you will get a bonus.